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Solar Fairy Lights

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar powered fairy lights can really add a decorative glow to your garden. With no wiring, no electricity costs and a variety of different designs, these solar fairy lights are not to be missed. Whether they're used for bushes, trees or on guttering, solar string lights are great to be used all year round and helps to add a positive, uplifting atmosphere to your garden.

Showing: 1-20 of 46 products


Fairy solar lights also known as 'string' lights will add a unique gleam to any part of your home. Either use them in bedrooms to create a low relaxing level of lighting, or use them outdoors for socialising, like in the picture opposite. However you decide to use them, you won't be disappointed!

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Probably the most popular use for fairy lights is in children’s bedrooms as night lights. These are obviously indoor lights, and generally people use solar fairy lights outdoors exclusively, for obvious reasons. Solar powered lights are the perfect alternative to normal electric lights that cost a fortune to run.

This is one of the advantages of renewable energy, it is cost effective and is being brought in to numerous areas. More and more people are now going green, you will notice that more companies and home owners are beginning to look for eco-friendly alternatives, in order to get rid of pollution and reduce the volume of global warming. If you are thinking about adding external lights to your property for recreational use, then please think about solar powered technology. Solar powered lights are simple to install, come in numerous colours and styles and won’t add more cost to your electricity bill.

Solar LED Fairy Lights

Outdoor fairy lights will light up any part of your garden that you choose and will highlight any special landscaping you have had done. Though the price of the outdoor fixtures themselves could be a little more costly than your typical exterior lighting, you will notice that in the long run they will help you save, as once they are installed they do not cost anything to run.

When setting up any eco-friendly lighting you won’t have to hire an electrical contractor to do the initial installment. There won’t be any need for digging the garden or flower beds to put in wires, or drilling holes in your walls to install wires. You can just decide the place you want your fairy lighting to go and hang them there accordingly. It is as easy as that!


Solar lights obtain the energy to generate power from soaking up the sunlight during the day using integrated solar panels. Then, using an intelligent light sensor, they release the saved energy automatically at night to light up your garden. These outdoor lights are stunning and are a really great way to enhance the natural features of your garden.

Many home owners who have tried to install exterior lighting themselves have ran into many problems. Such problems are issues on where to lay the wires without it affecting future gardening, or landscape work. The beauty of solar powered lights is that there are no wires needed and if you wish to change your garden in the future, then you can simply pick up the lights and move them to create a new fresh look.

It is possible also to take away the lights on the times that it rains heavily or if you are doing maintenance work, so as not to jeopardize the lights getting broken or cracked. This will help prolong their life and reduce costs even further. One more thing that you do not worry about when using renewable energy, is that you do not have to replace the bulbs. This is one of those annoying little things that will disappear when you switch over to green lighting. So help the environment as well as your finances, purchase solar powered fairy lights for your property or buy them someone as a lovely gift.