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Novelty Solar Lights

Novelty Solar Lights

These decorative solar lights are a little bit different. They don't conform to any of our standard categories and can really help to set your garden aside from that of your neighbours. Here you may find a solar light shaped like a car or even a solar powered cockerel. Like our more conventional products though, they all come with a 12 month warranty.

Showing: 1-12 of 12 products


Decorative solar lights are not necessarily 'novelty' lights. They are simply lights that are intended to be used decoratively, and for whom practicality in secondary in importance to design.

These ‘novelty’ lights are fresh in our range for this summer, and are proving to be a massive hit. Ideal for anybody looking for something different and fun, they will provide a unique look to your garden. Whilst these lights may put design ahead of technicality, the quality of these products isn’t to be undermined. All of them boast either ultra bright white or colour changing LEDs, and are a fantastic new way to bring light to flowerbeds and borders. Investing in solar power is now the perfect new alternative to normal electric lights, especially with the rise in energy costs.

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Decorative Solar Lights

One of the advantages of renewable energy is that it is very cost effective and is being brought in to numerous areas. If you are thinking about adding novelty lights to your property for recreational use, then please think about solar powered technology. Solar powered decorative lights are simple to install, come in numerous colours and styles and won’t add more cost to your electricity bill.

Animal Solar Lights

One of our most popular novelty solar lights ranges are our animal solar lights. These are decorative garden lights that feature an animal, be this a dog, cat, cockerel, hen, duck, pig or any number of creatures from the animal world. Animal solar lights for the garden are brilliant for animal enthusiasts and people looking to add a bit of character to their garden. Kids love them too!

Solar power is the perfect option for the modern day home-owner looking to liven up their garden. Whilst these decorative lights don’t fit into any of our normal categories, they can really give your garden a distinctive touch from that of your neighbours. Whether it’s a motorcycle light for your son or a watering can light for grandma, we have a variety of products that are perfect novelty gifts for all the family.

So if you're looking for a new, fresh way to add colour and excitement your garden this summer, look no further than our novelty light range!


Our solar lights obtain their energy by cleverly soaking up the sun’s rays and recharging themselves during daylight hours. Often our bigger solar products have separate solar panels to the light; more energy is created through these, enabling the larger products to last longer and work. For these relatively small novelty lights however, they have their own integrated solar panel, which fits seamlessly into the design. In the majority of our products, an intelligent photo sensor is built in, designed to determine the (lux) light level. As night approaches, these lights automatically switch themselves on, and at dusk they switch themselves off.

Solar products are excellent in the fact that they require no wiring; many homeowners have run into trouble when they have tried to install exterior lighting within their garden. Common problems that occur is where to lay the wires without affecting future gardening or landscaping, or having to employ an electrical contractor to complete the initial instalment. When you switch over to green lighting, the habit of having to keep changing bulbs is taken away too. Due to the solar products using renewable energy, this is one of those annoying practices that will no longer bother you.

Whilst solar products are so easy to install, they are also just as simple to remove. If you wish to move them to a different place in the garden, or simply take them down, this can all be done within minutes. Although most of our products are extremely durable and can last all year round, you may still wish to remove products in harsh weather or if you are doing maintenance work. This can help to stop them becoming broken or cracked.