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Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns

We often think of lanterns as being classical and traditional in appearance, but there are actually several different types of solar lanterns. Whether you want a traditional style lantern to sit on your garden table, or a chinese party lantern to hang and bring colour and decoration to your garden, we have what you are looking for. Please browse our range of solar lantern lights below.

Showing: 1-10 of 10 products


Solar lantern lights are a fantastic decorative, yet practical lighting solution for your garden. Whether sitting on your garden table or hanging from a hook, they can really help to distinguish your garden from that of your neighbours or friends. With many different styles and features in our range, we really do have something for everybody. Not only are our solar lanterns an artistic way to decorate your garden, but by using renewable energy they take out the running and energy costs of traditional garden lighting.

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Solar Powered Garden Lanterns

Throughout society renewable energy is on the rise; not only is it cost effective, but with the world conscious of global warming, powering objects using natural energy is becoming increasingly important. As you will have noticed, more companies and homeowners are searching for environmentally friendly options to mains power. Please consider solar technology if you are looking to add lighting to your property and garden, whilst it may be slightly more expensive to purchase than traditional mains lighting, it has the same level of quality, and you will save in the long run.

Our solar powered garden lanterns are available in a range of different styles, including those that flicker as if containing an actual candle. Whether you are looking for a more antique style, old fashioned lantern, or a modern light in a variety of colours, we have something to suit every garden and every occasion. Not only are our beautiful lanterns a fantastic way to decorate any outdoor areas, but they also provide a great talk pointing amongst family and friends. Perfect for the upcoming summer months, our lanterns will bring a lovely warm and relaxed atmosphere wherever you decide to use them.

How Do Solar Lantern Lights Work?

All our solar garden lanterns recharge themselves during the day, cleverly using the sun’s rays. Just make sure that the lanterns are placed in an area of direct sunlight during daylight hours. The smaller lanterns use an integrated solar panel to do this, which fits easily into the design. Our larger products, such as the 12 Chinese lanterns, come with an exteriorly mounted solar panel, as they need more energy to charge. Most of our solar products are fitted with an intelligent photo sensor; this detects the Lux (light) level each evening, and activates the lanterns as dusk falls. This same sensor switches them off automatically at dawn; all you have to do is switch them on! There are different styles available too, with hanging solar lanterns especially popular.

Solar products are also useful in the fact that they reduce the problems that traditional garden lighting has. Often there are a number of issues when it comes to mounting exterior lighting in your garden. This could be where to lay the wires so that they don’t affect future gardening and landscaping, or having to employ an electrician to complete the initial instalment. When you switch over to green lighting, the habit of having to keep changing bulbs is taken away too. Due to the solar products using renewable energy, this is one of those annoying practices that will no longer bother you.

With no wiring, our solar products are incredibly easy to install and move around, so you can create exactly the look in your garden that you want. Although all our lanterns are extremely durable and can last all year round, you may still wish to remove products in harsh weather or if you are doing maintenance work. This can help to stop them becoming broken or cracked. So what are you waiting for? Purchase one of our stunning lanterns today. You won’t be disappointed!