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Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights

Solar powered path lights help to light up pathways, driveways and other areas in your garden. Many of these take the form of solar stake lights, which can be pushed into the ground and are both practical and decorative. There are a range of different styles, sizes and colours, so you can find something that suits your taste and the current décor in your garden.

Showing: 1-20 of 51 products


If your garden features a path or driveway, then these solar path lights are a great way to illuminate them at night. Coming in a variety of styles and colours, we have something that will suit every garden. Whether it is a large lamp post, or simply colour changing stake lights, we have something for everyone. Not only are our path lights a superb way to light up you paths and driveways, but by using solar power they do so without any cost to the environment. Add to this that it costs you nothing in running expenses; these path lights are a great option for any eco-friendly homeowner.

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Solar Landscape Lights

This is one of the advantages of renewable energy, it is cost effective and is being brought in to numerous areas. More and more people are now seeking out environmentally-friendly alternatives, in order to reduce pollution and negate the threat of global warming. If you are thinking about adding path lights to your residential or business property then why not consider solar powered technology? Solar powered driveway lights are simple to install, come in numerous colours and styles and won’t add more cost to your electricity bill.

Solar power is the way forward for anybody conscious of the current climate. Whilst solar products are usually a little more expensive to buy than mains lighting products, you will save in the long run, whilst there is no significant reduction in quality. Proving to be an extremely popular part of our range, these path lights will impress your family and friends by giving your garden a distinctive look.


All our solar path lights are powered by either an integrated or externally mounted solar panel. This absorbs the energy from the sun, and charges the rechargeable batteries during the day. Most of our path lights use solar panels that are integrated; this fits seamlessly into the lights, and doesn’t affect the quality of the design at all. Our path lights all come with intelligent photo sensors too, which detect the lux (light) level every day. This automatically activates the lights at night, and deactivates them naturally at dusk. You literally don’t have to lift a finger!

Solar products are also excellent in the fact that they require no wiring; many homeowners have run into trouble when they have tried to install exterior lighting within their garden. Common problems that occur can be where to lay the wires, without affecting future gardening or landscaping, or having to employ an electrical contractor to complete the initial instalment. When you switch over to green lighting, the habit of having to keep changing bulbs is taken away too. As solar products using renewable energy, this is one of those annoying practices that will no longer bother you.

Available for use all year round, our path lights are designed to withstand frequent water contact and freezing weather conditions. However if weather conditions are particularly harsh, then you may wish to remove or take the product down, so as to ensure a longer life. The no wiring factor means that all our path lights can be easily removed or placed somewhere else, depending on the look that you want to create.

If you are searching for path lights to decorate your driveway, then look no further!