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Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Lights

Solar powered security lights work throughout the year, do not require any wiring and have no accompanying electricity costs. They operate using PIR motion sensor technology, meaning that when someone walks within a certain distance of the light, it will automatically switch on. This is a major deterrent for potential thieves and helps to safeguard your property.

Showing: 1-14 of 14 products


There are a number of reason which may make you consider installing solar security lights. Most of you probably use some form of outdoor lighting to keep an eye on loved ones, or deter thieves from your premises. Whatever your reasoning for having outside lights, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and help the environment out by using renewable energy.

Solar powered energy is being brought in to a variety of different situations, such as work places, homes, gardens, public areas and sporting events. With everyone in the world starting to recognise how important it is to “Go Green” and consider the environment, you will notice that a growing number of industrial sectors and homeowners are beginning to look to solar technology.

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Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensors

If you are considering adding security lights to the outside of your property or grounds, you should definitely consider using solar powered lighting. Not only is this easy to install, but it comes in many different colours and styles, and will not add anymore to your electricity bill in running costs. These lights activate automatically when their motion sensor is triggered, with many lights having various adjustable settings pertaining to the range of the motion sensor and duration for lighting up.

Security lighting will be beneficial to your property for many different reasons. It can provide light for yards, gardens, driveways and paths to name but a few. Although the cost of outdoor solar lighting fixtures themselves can be a little higher priced than your typical outdoor lighting, you will find that over time they will help save.

When installing solar security lights you won’t need to hire an electrical contractor to do the primary installation. There will be no requirement for laying wires into walls and complicated electrical work to get these to work. Simply decide where you would like your security lights to go and attach them to the wall accordingly. It really is as simple as that!


Solar powered machinery work by getting their energy from the sun. They keep the energy they absorb from the suns rays throughout the day, and then discharge the stored energy at night. It is a complicated process to explain how exactly the solar panels catch the sun rays, and then turn them into other energy sources, but you are left with an eco-friendly energy source that will lower your energy costs.

Outdoor solar security lights can easily be taken away these when your house is undergoing maintenance work or you are completely moving home. Whilst our lights are durable and can be used all year round, we advise that you remove them in severe weather conditions; this will reduce the risk of the lights becoming damaged or cracked. Another thing that you don’t need to worry about when using eco-friendly energy lights is having to change bulbs every few months. This is especially annoying when you have fixtures that are in hard to reach places. As you can see, renewable energy has a lot of advantages!

Solar security lights are a low maintenance, cost effective way to keep your property secure and bringing light to your outside. If you require additional outdoor lighting, then please consider renewable energy as an option as this will help assist the environment as well as your finances.