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Solar Water Features

Solar Water Features

New in for summer! These solar water features can really add something special to your garden or outdoor space. Whether you are adding a feature to your existing pond or looking for an elegant standalone solar water feature, we have you covered. From decorative solar Buddhas to practical pond pumps, our solar water feature range has it all.

Showing: 1-7 of 7 products


Solar powered water features are a great, simple solution for those that want a great water fountain either to stand alone in the garden or within their pond. We don't only have solar water fountains though, there are several great pond and water features in our ever expanding range.

Whilst some people might find a Solar Buddha water feature (with light!) to be a little over the top, others will simply love it! We also have more subtle water features though, including delightful ceramic glazed solar frog features amongst others.

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All of our fantastic solar water fountains, pumps and other features are fully weather resistant and operate automatically in the sunlight. They operate best when the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period, but thanks to advances in solar technology, they should also operate effectively in relatively overcast conditions. These items are maintenance free, have no ongoing running costs and work throughout the year. A must for those wanting to decorate their garden in style.

Solar Pond Pump / Solar Water Pump

For those that have a pond in their garden, there are a number of solar options available for adding a little extra decoration, be this a floating lily fountain or conventional solar pond pump. These really give you the opportunity to make your pond a stand-out feature within your garden.

Our solar pond pumps help to create powerful displays of water, which also have the practical advantage of circulating water within the pond - especially beneficial if you have fish, who require well oxygenated water in which to live.

Solar Water Fountain

Solar water fountains are not just restricted to those of us with ponds though, as there are also a number of standalone solar water features and fountains that can fit seamlessly into the garden without the worry of how to wire them up, or how much electricity they are likely to use.

Our solar garden water features run solely using power from the sun. Simply place the solar panel in a position where it can receive a reasonable amount of sunlight and enjoy the tranquil setting created by a solar powered water feature. Nothing looks better on a warm summer's day. Just remember that these solar water features aren't suitable for swimming or bathing in.